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Hello you lot! Today I’m going back to a series I introduced last spring to update you with how my new year is going. I hope you enjoy it!

2019 started in a really bad way but this doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad year

For some reason, the universe has decided to punish me in 2019 and nothing has been going the way I wanted it to be, which was quite frustrating. Everything from sleep, to public transportation, school and even career. However I’ve been reminding myself constantly that it’s not even been two weeks since the beginning of the year. There is still time for things to get better and I just have to stay optimistic (on the topic of optimism, I’ve had an idea that has motivated me so much this week and I cannot wait for you to see… mark your calendars for January 21st).

Sleep needs to be a priority

I’ve also realized that I simply cannot function without a regular sleep schedule. I’ve learned this the hard way after spending a WHOLE night awake last week, stressing because I was not falling asleep. Of course, this meant I had three days of being out of it. I really want to discuss this more on the blog because it seems like insomnia is a problem for so many people.

I can only focus on 1 thing at a time and that’s ok

My mom pointed out to me the other day that I’ve always been able to focus on just one big thing at a time whether it’s career, people, school, etc. I gave a lot of thoughts to this and she was probably right. I have to accept it and continue to do things the way my brain/body is able to, not the way other people are doing it. If that makes any sense at all…

Thrift shopping is amazing

And on a lighter note, I went in a thrift shop last week and found the most amazing vintage wool blazer made in Canada. I changed the buttons and had it dry cleaned but it fits like a glove and is one of the cheapest pieces in my closet. It seriously changed the way I view thrift shopping and it makes me excited to dive more into this sustainable alternative to fashion. I will dedicate a post to this amazing find so you will get to see it soon…

Coat: Zara / Bag: Céline / Dress: By Malene Birger