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Today I’m coming at you with a lighthearted post because it’s Friday and I need a break from all the academic texts I’ve read or tried to write this week. I’ve never considered fall as a great season until recently. I used to think it was a dark, busy and depressing period, but then I realized it’s so much more than that. The Danes proved it to us two years when hygge became a trendy concept. It’s also the lead up to Christmas, which is exciting (and I’m sorry for talking about Christmas in September). Here are the things I love most about this season…

Coats & Knits

Fashion is better in fall and it’s for two reasons: layering and coats! I think coats are the best pieces of clothing, especially when they’re made of wool or cashmere (hello Filippa K coat of my dreams). I am also a huge fan of knits because they feel cozy and most of the time they are super soft. I’m excited to show you my favourite autumn looks soon on the blog…

Staying In

Staying in is, in my opinion, the greatest luxury of modern times. I love staying at home on a weekend, wrapping myself in a blanket, and watching a classic movie like Notting Hill. I also like the feeling of wanting to stay inside because it’s too cold outside so you invite people for a home dinner (goodbye rooftop terraces).

Comfort Food & Warm Tea

And the best bit… comfort food! I love a good bowl of vegetable soup on a cold fall day, a cup of Earl Grey tea to start my day at work or a good roast dinner with family.

What are your favourite things about fall?

Blazer: Céline / Top: Aritzia / Trousers: Mango / Clutch: Saint Laurent / Necklace: Missoma / Bracelet: Maanestan