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Sharing some photos from yesterday in the lavender fields at Maison Lavande. I'd been to another lavender farm (Bleu Lavande) a few years ago, and it's still one of the fondest memories I have of summer. With all the lavender photos poping on social media, my sister and I decided to have a day trip there before the start of the harvest, which coincidently started this week. 

We drove for approximately an hour to the north shore of Montreal and the weather was absolutely perfect. As soon as we got there, I could smell the relaxing fragrance in the air, which made me feel like I was at the spa... or in Provence. The fresh lavender scent in the fields is nothing like pure lavender essential oil, which I find overpowering and sickly. It was just lovely!

After our walk in the lavender field, we stopped at the bistro for lavender-flavored lemonade and lavender-flavored oatmeal cookies, which were absolutely delicious. They also had lavender-flavored popcorn and I'm hoping to try it next time I visit the field. We ate on the rooftop and had a gorgeous view of the farm. 

As for my outfit, I wore something simple by pairing a light beige linen t-shirt from the sustainable Swedish brand Filippa K and my favourite pleated skirt that I've had for a few years now. My sister was wearing an H&M skirt and a Sam Edelman shirt, both used to be mine. We were also wearing the same Superga sneakers because #twins. 

I would definitely recommend visiting if you're in the area during the high season!

My look: T-shirt: Filippa K / Skirt: Aritzia / Sneakers: Superga / Sunglasses: Weekday

My sister's look: Blouse: Sam Edelman / Skirt: H&M

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