Bella Figura: How to Love, Live and Eat the Italian Way by Kamin Mohammadi

If you are looking for the perfect summer, look no further because this book is just what you need. The Author, Kamin Mohammadi, tells the story of the year she spent in Italy after living her life as a magazine editor in London. Throughout the months, she learns to enjoy the beauty that is around her but also within her,  to appreciate fresh food and delicious recipes, and finally to build meaningful relationships that make her happy. You will feel transported by the detailed descriptions of the author which really capture all the senses. I felt on vacation while reading this book and somehow it reminded me of the vibe in 'Call Me By Your Name' but in a nonfiction way.  

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Celine Espadrilles

There has been some change at the company where I work and we now work closely with a luxury consignment boutique for clothes. Last week I was treated to this chic pair of Celine espadrilles, which I love! They are from the summer 15 collection and I adore the mix of navy and black with the beige. I cannot wait to show you how I style them!

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NRK P3, the Norwegian broadcaster who released SKAM recently came out with a new TV show available online called 'Blank'. The format is the same as SKAM: they released clips every day before the weekly episodes and also created social media accounts for the characters. The story is about Ella, a girl who considers herself 'lost'. She finished high school a year ago and has been working in a plant shop in Oslo for a year, but she is trying to figure out what she wants to do in life and how she feels about her relationships. I was so hooked on the show that I watched it (with poor subtitles) in 3 days. I'm so excited for next season coming out this fall!

And of course, the podcasts I loved this week...

  • Grazia Life Advice - I just think it's an easy podcast to listen to. They've even interviewed the amazing Dolly Alderton.
  • Unpopped by BBC Radio, more specifically the "Bridget Jones and the Status of Comedy' episode which brought me back to last summer when I re-read all the books and re-watched all the films. 
  • Books and Authors by BBC Radio 4. I loved the episode with Juno Dawson and Pandora Sykes. They discussed two books I really want to read: Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan and The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett.