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Happy Sunday! Today I wanted to share with you a recap of my day in Brighton. It was technically day 4 of my trip, but don't worry, I will post all about day 3 combined with day 5 in the next post... if that makes any sense.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I headed to Victoria station to take a southern train to Brighton! This city has been on my 'to visit' list for so long and I was happy to finally see it. The benefit of taking an early train to Brighton was that I was one of the first people on the beach and the Pier. The weather was absolutely magnificent and I could not help but have ice cream. Although it melted very fast and I had to hurry to take a picture. 

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After spending time on the Pier and around the beach, I headed to the Lanes to see two adorable shops that have been recommended on some of my favourite fashion blogs. The first one is called 'Workshop Living' and they have minimalist yet chic pieces for the home and a few pieces of clothing. It was beautiful to look at and it smelled lovely in the shop as well. 

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The second shop I visited was 'Our Daily Edit'. They have a very curated selection of clothes mostly from Scandinavian designers like Ganni, Mads Nørgaard and Filippa K. I tried one of Ganni's iconic wrap dresses for fun and it was beautiful (but I couldn't really afford it). However the two girls working there were so lovely and we chatted a little bit about the brands and the concept of the store. It felt so homey, which is why you should definitely visit if you come to Brighton!

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I also visited Waterstones, a stunning bookstore chain in the UK and sat at their café reading a book with a cup of tea. It totally made me feel like I was on vacation! It was fun to see books that I don't normally see in Canada, not only because they have different authors but also because the covers are not always the same in Europe and North America. 

I went back to the beach after that but it was so crowded due to the amazing weather and also it's a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. I liked it better in the morning when it was a bit calmer, but I'm sure if you walk a bit further from the city center it would be better. 

I think Brighton is the perfect destination for a family vacation (I also saw a lot of bachelorette parties haha). The activities on the Pier and the beach would definitely be more fun with a group than by yourself. If you are by yourself, I suggest you go early and then walk to the Lanes or even go to the Royal Pavilion for impressive architecture. Then you can sit in the pretty gardens of the Pavilion (something I did quickly around lunch time). 

Have you ever been to Brighton? The only thing I completely forgot to do was to go and see the colourful beach huts, maybe another time!

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