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For those who've read my review post of Lily Pebbles' book The F Word, you know that I was looking forward to reading a book about friendship, but was ultimately disappointed with the surface level coverage of the topics in her book (but I still enjoyed it!). Which is why I'm incredibly happy to present you with a great alternative: The Friendship Cure: a manifesto for reconnecting in the modern world by Kate Leaver. What is different from the previous book is that this one covers everything from bromances, to the friendships we form at work, to loneliness, and more! The topics she discusses are backed up by studies, psychologists, and anecdotes she collected of strangers and people around her. I love that it is not only about her own experiences, it feels a lot more inclusive! I also really enjoyed the pop culture references throughout the book!

Before reading this I listened to the episode of Ctrl Alt Delete where Emma Gannon interviews the author. She was born in Australia and moved to England a few years ago. In the podcast she talks about the struggles of keeping in touch with her friends back home and making friends when you move to a new country, which I find inspiring and very relatable. Kate is an incredible writer and journalist and I think this book is an absolute gem to reflect on your relationships and personal behaviour. 

Please let me know if you have any book recommendations!