As soon as the semester ends (in two weeks yay!) I'm going back to the 9 to 5 schedule at work. I've done it last year and I remember how weird it felt at the beginning. It took me a while to readjust to the new schedule, especially as I've always had the summers off before. The best part is definitely knowing I will have my evenings and weekends free, without school assignments to complete. However, it still means being locked inside for many hours, even on days when the weather is really nice. Here are some of the tips I try to keep in mind to facilitate the adaptation to the 9 to 5 lifestyle and to make sure I enjoy my work days. You might also be working with the 9 to 5 schedule so please let me know your tips on how to get through these long consecutive days!

Lunch Time Walks

When the weather permits, I like to go outside for a walk. Getting away from my computer for a while and getting some fresh air is the best. I'm lucky that my office is located right by a popular food market (with flowers) and the Lachine canal. It also means I can do lots of people watching! It helps so much with productivity when I get back at my desk! 

Comfortable Outfits

Although I work in fashion and try to look presentable, there is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable/sweaty/cold/etc. Finding the perfect comfortable outfit is a bigger challenge once the temperature hits the 30 degrees (and the air conditioning unit is not sufficient for the whole space), but it's manageable if I think about it the night before. 


Having Plans After Work

Chances are, if you've made plans after work, you will be much more productive throughout the day because you are looking forward to something. I know I should have done this more last year. In summer the days last longer so it's time to enjoy the city!

Making Friends With Your Colleagues

This seems obvious but having friends at work makes the day go by so much faster. You can support each other, help each other, make fun of each other and the list goes on :)

Fun Snacks

And the best part of office life: having a "fun snack" drawer. Whenever I need a little "pick me up" I just have to look inside my snack drawer and there is always something interesting. I have my favourite kind of Earl Grey tea for rainy days, candies for when I lack motivation and yummy granola bars for when I'm hungry. 

Where do you work? And do you have tips for long work days?