Happy Sunday! This morning, encouraged by my mom and my two sisters, I went swimming and did 40 laps in the pool (1km yay!). I feel tired, sore, but still energized, it's a weird feeling. I think I'm going to challenge myself to go once or twice a week, I've really lost my endurance as I rarely do sports. Throughout my childhood/teenage years, I used to either be at the pool or at the dance studio, but times have changed. For two years I also went religiously to aerobic classes. I know I'm not the healthiest person but I want to try to be stronger/healthier. I love that when I go swimming, I can take my time and then go inside the sauna, wash my hair and pamper when I get out of the pool. And the pool in my area is all new and beautiful, so that's a motivating factor!

Maybe this new activity will help me release my stress, god knows I need it! Also when spring will be there for good, I want to go on my usual lunch walk (the one I did almost everyday last summer during lunch break at work). It's a great way to get away from my screen, get fresh air and walk 10k steps a day. Plus, my route is really pretty as I walk around the Atwater market, the Lachine canal and Griffintown. 

What's your fitness/wellness routine?