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I never liked being a teenager. If you're familiar with the movie "13 going on 30", well that is pretty much how I have always felt. Being a "grown-up" was always the coolest stage you could reach. I don't think there ever was anything more appealing to me than the idea of decorating a house, throwing a dinner party or going grocery shopping. Granted, I left out the least fun parts like washing the dishes or paying the bills haha. Now that I'm on the verge of turning 21, I sometimes wonder what exactly makes you an adult. I still have one year of going to school and living with my parents, so technically I'm still not fully independent, but at least I don't have to go back to high school (definitely the best part). So here are the "adulting" things I'm most excited about...

Being in charge of my own place

When you live on your own, you are responsible for everything so you can't blame anyone else for the things that aren't being done. If the bathroom needs to be cleaned, it's your own responsibility. But you can also decide to cook whatever you want or leave your clothes on the floor. It's your space so you decide! Lizzy Hadfield recently talked about this in a YouTube video and I thought that was interesting

Having a career you love

Some people dream of having children and get married young, and others, like me, want to prioritize their job experiences in order to have their dream careers. I love what I'm doing right now as a student job, but ultimately I'm looking at something bigger, and I'll only be able to achieve it once I am done with school. Adults spend so much of their lives at work so it's important for me to find a career I love.

Finding the people that are meant to stay

Throughout the years, you will meet many people that will come and go, but some people are there to stay. Whether it's a group of really good friends that will know everything about you or a special person. I'm aware that nothing is set in stone but I'm excited for the day I won't have to worry about the people around me. This also means taking actions when something isn't right. As Shoshana Shapiro in Girls said, "I only want to date people that want to date me because that is called self-respect". The same goes for friendships: "I only want to be friends with people that want to be friends with me because that is called self-respect".  

Knowing yourself

And as you grow up, you also know yourself better and hopefully make decisions that make more sense to you. I've learned over the years that I hate horror movies, my biggest pet peeve is when people are late and I'm a morning person. I don't think these things are going to change so I don't necessarily want to make compromises for other people.

What do you think are the best/worst parts of "growing up"?

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