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On almost every blog or every tweet I read, people are talking about how they never have time for self-care. My problem is the opposite, I take too much time for self-care that I avoid other important things! I'll allow myself a bath or a nice cup of tea and then things escalate, and I end up with a bowl of Easter eggs reading a magazine instead of doing something productive. It also doesn't help that Gossip Girl is back on Netflix because I've tripled my self-care time in recent weeks. So today I wanted to talk a tiny bit more about this topic because I feel like it's such an important part of my life. Here are my thoughts on self-care.

What is it?

Basically, self-care is taking time to do something for you or the good old "treat' yourself". Anything could fall into that category: from listening to your favourite song and dancing to spending money on a nice comfy cashmere jumper. There are different levels of course and it's all about making sure you're in a good mood and avoiding the negative around you. But you can overdo it with self-care... For example, I know today I have to work on a team assignment, but I would rather stay in bed and read Lily Pebble's book. 



Yes, it's all about indulging in something you love. I think a nice way to practice self-care on a weekly basis is to incorporate nice things into your routine every day when you are busy and feeling overwhelmed. But the little things also count as self-care, don't feel like you have to spend a day at the spa to make it count.

Stress Relief

It's also about finding what makes you more relaxed, and maybe this can be a productive thing too. I've mentioned this before but I LOVE doing the laundry, it gets me in such a calm state! I put on a podcast and get on with the task. For you, it might be to take a walk so you can go to the somewhere you need to be or an hour at the gym. Basically, it's very personal so you have to find something you enjoy doing that is also productive.

I hope I didn't ramble too much, let me know your thoughts about self-care!