Hello! Today the post is a bit late because I started my Sunday Facetiming my best friend and planning our next trip. It also got me thinking about the summer and what my plans were going to be. As you can probably tell from all my previous blog posts, I'm very Type A, so I like to know what's coming up and schedule things accordingly. You might think it's a bit early to start looking at my summer but I only have one month of school left so...

London on my own

I am so excited for this! I haven't been in London since my exchange in 2013 and this will be a good test for me before I move there in a year. Hopefully, the weather will be nice but I plan on spending time in museums, exploring the neighborhoods I missed when I was there, wander around the flower markets and discover lots of new things!

Norway with my best friend

Right after London, I'll be flying to Oslo to meet up with my Swedish bestie. We are planning on visiting all the famous locations in the Norwegian tv show Skam and enjoy each other's company. I cannot wait to see the architecture of the city and be by the water. It looks like such a stunning place combining the old and the new. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


Another important thing that will happen this summer is that I'm finally turning 21. I tipped toed into my twenties last summer but I'm just so happy to finally "enter them" properly. I'm not going to plan anything special but I just hope I spend the day with people I love & my favourite food. And maybe have flowers delivered... 

A Personal Challenge

This is something I failed to do last year but I would like to accomplish a month of doing 10 K steps every day. Right now I do around 6K every day but in the summer there is no excuse to try to do more. I also want to continue to swim 3 times a week but I'll have to see if this is possible as the schedules at the pool will be changing.

What are your plans for the summer?