"Do your own thing" is a mantra I've been following for years. Whenever I want to do things, I don't necessarily wait for a friend to come with me, I just do it. Going to study in London on my own was an example of that, just like when I spent a few days in New York City on my own or when I go to a café by myself. It can be awkward at first, but you will quickly forget about it. Learning to enjoy your own company is part of acquiring independence. I've had people tell me over the years that they would never be able to go to the movie on their own and I just wanted to ask them WHY NOT? Because it's so fun to enjoy your own company: it allows you to think more clearly, and to do the things you really enjoy without having to compromise. So today I'm sharing with you a few tips to learn to enjoy your own company!

Baby Steps

I think the most common reasons why people feel awkward on their own is they think they will be looked at or they're scared of being bored. To that I say: bring a book, your laptop or download a podcast. Start by sitting in a café and do something, anything! You will be too busy to notice you're even own your own. It's that easy!

Find Something You Really Want To Do

Whether it's a trip, a show you want to see or an exhibition you want to attend, go for it! You might not have the same interests as your friends (it's totally normal btw), so don't stop yourself from doing something you really want to do just because you have no one to come with you. Who knows, you might even meet new people!

Do Things On Your Own Regularly

It's by doing things regularly that they become a habit. Make it part of a routine: take a walk around your neighborhood, sit in the park to read, etc. It doesn't have to be a big event, just make it a part of your weekly routine!

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