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I’ve tried a few times to read short stories books, but they were never really my thing. Mainly because I find them challenging. It’s hard for me to get into a story and then see it end a few pages later, and even harder to switch from one story to the next so quickly. But I so desperately wanted to read Curtis Sittenfeld’s ' You Think It I’ll Say It collection. It’s about love, social class and relationships. Every single story got me captivated (and to make sure I wouldn’t mix the stories, I decided to read only one at a time).

My favourite story was ‘Bad Latch’ about a soon-to-be-mom taking prenatal classes and feeling overwhelmed and intimidated with the other perfect mothers, and one in particular. The moral of the story is that we can make friendships in the most unusual places and perfection often hides a much bigger problem.

It’s a lovely book for people who find it hard to commit to longer stories or for anyone who loves contemporary woman fiction. There is a story for everyone in there!

Do you have any short stories book to recommend?