My bookshelf is one of my most cherished corner in my room (with my closet). I love to display some objects, travel souvenirs, photos, and of course, books! Recently I've been a bit tired of the way everything was arranged, it looked too busy. I've been trying to make a few changes to give a more polished overall look. Now I feel like the first two shelves reflect my personal style and aesthetic. One of the shelves below displays some novels by colours. It's not a method of organization I would carry on all the shelves but I love that it's a fun touch at the bottom. Here are some tips and tricks I have for you if you want to re-organize your bookshelf.

1) Display Your Favourite Items - Who said a bookshelf was only for books? Gather some of your travel memories, photos with your friends, DIYs you've made, etc. These objects will bring life to your books!

2) Choose a colour palette - Depending on the way you choose to organize your bookshelf (See point 4), you might want to consider a colour palette that will look good with your decor. It can be as simple as placing books with pastel colours together or covering your books with white paper. You do you!

3) Have something to hold your books - Props are super important. Ideally, having bookends on your bookshelf will facilitate the placement. This is something I should follow because for now I use the objects on display to hold my books. Some bookends are super pretty!

4) Decide your favourite method for organizing - There used to be a time in my life where I wanted my books to be organized by alphabetical order like at a public library. Then I became the person that arranged my books by size, and now it's a bit all over the place. There are so many ways to organize your bookshelf, it can also be by colour, by theme, by collection, etc. Choose the way that will make it easier for you, and then take a step back to see the overall look and if you are happy with it. 

How do you organize your books?