Once in a while (okay, everyday), I like to explore content on different channels and just get inspiration from it. If you're looking for recommendations, here's what I've been finding interesting this week. 

PODCAST: Plastic surgery is such a fascinating subject. It's not something that I would personally pursue, but I've always been somewhat interested by that subject (especially when it's in the context of reality TV). Last Thursday, Garance Doré released a podcast talking about holistic plastic surgery and beauty. It was so interesting because it was a totally different approach from what I've always been exposed to. See here

FASHION ITEM: This week, I've been lusting over this Aritzia kimono. I love the clean lines, the subtle colour, and the classic Aritzia feel. See here. 

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: If you don't know Damsel In Dior, go check her account right now! She mixes high end items with pieces from the high street. She also has one of the most fun personalities. See here. 

ARTICLE: Atelier Doré just posted a studio visit of an artist I love to follow on Instagram, Christiane Spangsberg. Her work is very minimalist with a human side. The interview was lovely to read. See here

MAGAZINE: I recently picked up an issue of The Gentlewoman for the first time and read it in one sitting. The issue features my icon Sofia Coppola, but also made me discover some incredible women. I especially loved the article on the intriguing Molecule 01 fragrance.