I recently received a copy of the book "Silence: In The Age of Noise" by Erling Kagge. The book is like a journal, and the author questions the relevance of noise and silence through his own experiences; as a traveler, a dad or a teacher. This book was fairly easy to read and I loved that it was divided into sections for each anecdote. You can tell by the words he used that he really thought about how silence made him feel and how he saw the world around him live in noise or silence. Both inner noise and outer noise were things he decided to explore. We are living in an age where we are constantly consuming content and sometimes we should just stop to look around and appreciate the absence of sound. Erling Kagge is super eloquent and his travel stories are inspiring: from being alone in Antartica to climbing a bridge in New York. This book is a little bit philosophical but I also think it will make you see the world with a new perspective.