Can you think of who your role models were when you were growing up? I distinctly remember being in awe when I read the Blonde Salad and I think fashion bloggers in general were always on my top list of role models. They were travelling the world, attending fashion shows and writing blog posts everyday with amazing photos. I think it was a great way to portray how I wanted my life to look like when I would be older. But now when I look back at this, I am almost embarrassed because I just wanted their flashy lifestyle of "full time bloggers" and massive wardrobes with current-season designer clothing. I have noticed that my current role models work in the domains of arts or fashion and they are all creating something relevant and interesting.

Now I don't look at what my role models have but their work ethics and the road they have travelled to be where they are right now. Their processes have become more important to me than their results. Emily Weiss is a badass woman who worked tons of hours outside her job at Vogue to create Into the Gloss and eventually Glossier. She had to knock at the door of many investors to find someone to actually believe in her project. Her determination and drive is inspiring. Garance Doré has always been a popular blogger but with time she left aside the flashy side of fashion and is giving more importance to the people who work with her at Atelier Doré. The team at Atelier Doré have a super interesting podcast that I love to listen to every week because you get different opinions on various topics. These are just examples and I have many more role models. I think looking up to different ways of doing and taking inspiration from people in different areas is a great way to realize what YOU want to do and how you will do it. 

Who are your role models?

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