So a few months ago, I decided to jump into the podcast bandwagon. And I was not disappointed! I've spent hours binge-listening to my favorite shows, and I've even reached the point where I listen to them in high speed, with shorten silences, and full voice volume (saving time eheh). So here are my top favourite inspirational podcasts that I think you would also like;

*by the way, I use the app 'Overcast' to listen to them (my dad showed it to me, and I'm hooked).

1 - Oh Boy by Man Repeller

I've enjoyed listening to Oh Boy because Jay Buim is an awesome animator that always has something funny to say, and very clever references. In each episode, he interviews women that have succeeded in different areas, and it is always fascinating. After every episode I feel like I can conquer the world. I also love that the episodes all start with the same few questions, but then every woman brings her own touch. You should definitely listen to the episode with Emily Weiss. 

2- Ladies Who Lunch

A very recent discovery, but I listened to all their episodes in three days. This podcast features Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes, both very intelligent women (I've been following Ingrid on You Tube for a few years now, and I love her involvement in different causes for women). So this podcast is all about life; they discuss about personal identities, validation, crushes, stereotypes, empowerment, and more. I love that this is a conversation lead by two young adults that aren't scared to share their own experiences. My favorite part is definitely the part where they read letters from the audience, and answer them. 

3- Garance Doré's Pardon My French

You already know that Garance Doré is a blogger that I adore, so it's no surprise that her podcast is one of my favourites. I love how these episodes are candid conversations with her friends, co-workers, and people she admires. It feels spontaneous, and very joyful. I adore every single episode, especially the one with Zosia Mamet. 

4- Monocycle

Another podcast from Man Repeller, but this one is shorter, and it's only Leandra Medine talking. I love the feeling of being in her head, she doesn't filter her thoughts. It's a short episode, but it makes me reflect about so many ideas; from fashion, to anxiety, to productivity,... One episode a week isn't enough!

Other podcast that I also listen to are: Women of The Hour, The Lively Show, Ctrl Alt Delete, ... And I'm planning on starting: Filler, Jules and Sarah, Make it Happen, Stuff Mom Never Told You. 

If you have any suggestions that you think I might like, please let me know! It makes my bus/car rides a lot more enjoyable! Love. S.

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