Seeing the MET's Costume Institute Exhibition 'Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology

A highlight of 2016 for me was to see the MET’s Costume Institute exhibition ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’ last May. It was incredible to witness this mix of fashion, history and art in such a grandiose place. I don't think I have seen anything more magical. Yesterday I watched the documentary ‘The First Monday In May’ on Netflix, which follows the curators of the Costume Institute as they prepare for the 2015's exhibition: China Through The Looking Glass. Fingers crossed that I can see their 2017 exhibition on Comme Des Garçons’ designer Rei Kawakubo! 


One thing that I have been loving about 2016 is that I have had the chance to exchange letters with people from across the ocean. It is so easy to get lost in technology, but I love the feeling of writing on a beautiful card and sending it far away. It's also a great souvenir that you can keep for many years! 

Spending Time With My Grandparents

Ever since I got my driver's license, I have tried to go occasionally to my grandparent's house for lunch or dinner. Not only do I leave with the happiest tummy (they make so much food!), but I also get to have great conversations with my grandparents. This is something that will go on in 2017. 

Discovering New Parts Of Canada

Before this summer, I had never explored Canada outside of Montreal, Québec, and Ottawa. The rest of the world seemed more interesting to me. In the last few months I have been to Toronto, Charlevoix and Kingston and was amazed by the beauty of these places! Since I am in the middle of saving for a really big dream, my trips to other countries will be limited or nonexistent, and so I will have to discover more of what is around me. 


This Fall I started a major in Communications and Cultural Studies, and I am so happy about it! I have met great people and have learned interesting things that will hopefully be useful for what I want to do in the future. 

Bring on 2017!